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Sureyea Insulation Product Co.,Ltd

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Sureyea Insulation Product Co.,Ltd
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Electrical insulation product
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Chundu Road,Laocheng District,Luoyang,Henan,China
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Our company specialize in producing many kinds of insulation material for electric motor,transformer,please contact us by
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--Sureyea 23:02, 6 April 2011 (CST)

Add Info:Our SUERYEA insulation product company specialize in producing many kinds of insulation material,such as the fish paper,DMD/NMN/NHN/NKN/NPN/MGM/PET Film/Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet/Phenolic paper laminated sheet/Phenolic cotton laminated sheet/Crepe paper/Press paper board/pressphan/G10/11/FR4 laminated sheet/Mica tape/Impregnated binding tape/Pure cotton binding tape/Fiberglass tape/Heat shrinking tape/Fiberglass sleeving/PVC Electrical insulation tape/Kapton film/Polyimide film,etc.Is there any insulation product you required please feel free to contact us by,thanks!

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