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3.png Enterprise Information (企业资料):

  • Company Name (公司名称):
  • Country / Area (国家/地区):
United Arab Emirates (阿联酋)
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  • More Info (补充说明):
ACCESS TRADING is an international purchaser from United Arab Emirates, need to buy products of Commodity, Sports and Tourism Leisure Products, Toy, Adornment etc. categories.


2.png Contact Method (联系方式):

  • Address (联系地址):
P.O. BOX 84667,DUBAI,U.A.E.
  • Contact (联系人员):
  • Telephone (联系电话):
  • Fax Number (传真号码):
  • E-mail Box (电子邮箱):
  • Website (网站网址):

0.png Purchase Category (采购类别):

  • Category (采购产品类别):
Commodity (日用品)
Sports and Tourism Leisure Products (体育及旅游休闲用品)
Toy (玩具)
Adornment (装饰品)
  • Buy Data (购买数据):
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4.png Country Industry Index (各地索引):

Commodity Category

1. Australia Commodity

2. Austria Commodity

3. Bengal Commodity

4. Belgium Commodity

5. Canada Commodity

6. China Commodity

7. Denmark Commodity

8. England Commodity

9. Finland Commodity

10. France Commodity

11. Germany Commodity

12. Greece Commodity

13. Hong Kong Commodity

14. India Commodity

15. Indonesia Commodity

16. Iran Commodity

17. Ireland Commodity

18. Italy Commodity

19. Japan Commodity

20. Korea Commodity

21. Lebanon Commodity

22. Macao Commodity

23. Malaysia Commodity

24. Nigeria Commodity

25. Netherlands Commodity

26. New Zealand Commodity

27. Pakistan Commodity

28. Russia Commodity

29. Saudi Arabia Commodity

30. Sri Lanka Commodity

31. Singapore Commodity

32. Spain Commodity

33. Sweden Commodity

34. Taiwan Commodity

35. Thailand Commodity

36. Turkey Commodity

37. United Arab Emirates Commodity

38. United States Commodity

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